Free Professional Development Courses for Trades NL Members

Professional Development Courses

Trades NL is offering introductory courses to our members in construction at no charge. These courses provide up-to-date information to help with the professional development of members of the 16 building trades locals we represent.


    • Free courses available to all members of NL’s Building Trades
    • Delivered in-person and online throughout NL
    • Snacks/lunch provided
    • Course manual and swag bag provided
    • Interactive courses using real-life examples, videos, presentations, and exercises
    • Courses available from September, 2022 – April, 2023, subject to enrollment

    Note: Only confirmed attendees will be admitted into courses. Please ensure you check your email for confirmation

    Computer Basics

    This is an introductory course on the basic use of a laptop. Laptops will be available and members will learn how to use the laptop, send emails, search the internet, apply and interview for jobs online, and perform daily functions online such as paying bills.


    This is an introductory course on the styles and attributes of effective leaders including qualities of a good leader, team building, building trust and respect, leading change, conflict resolution, and coaching to improve performance.

    Career Development in the Trades

    This course provides information on what a career in the skilled trades means, what it mean to be an apprentice and achieve red seal certification, how to become a shop steward, and how to conduct a job search and write a resume.

    IPhone Basics

    This is an introductory course on the basic use of an IPhone. iPhones will be available, and members will learn how to use the iPhone, and different applications such as facebook, google maps, zoom, banking, and camera.

    Financial Basics

    This introductory course provides information on setting financial goals, balancing a budget including tracking expenses and costs, credit and debt management, saving and investing, and protections.

    Diversity, Inclusion and You

    The course examines the ways leaders, managers, supervisors, and employees work together to create and maintain a respectful and inclusive work environment. Topics include discussion around Diversity and Inclusion; The Challenges and Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion; Understanding Unconscious Bias; Diversity and Inclusion of Indigenous Workers; Cultural Sensitivity toward Indigenous Workers; and What you can do to Promote Diversity and Inclusion


    Current Training Schedule (more training sessions added weekly/monthly)!

    Feb 28Diversity, Inclusion & YouSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 1LeadershipSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 2Career ProgressionSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 6Computer BasicsSt. George'sK'Taqmkuk Museum9:00-12:00
    Mar 6iPhone BasicsSt. George'sK'Taqmkuk Museum12:00-1:30
    Mar 7Financial BasicsSt. George'sK'Taqmkuk Museum9:00-12:00
    Mar 8LeadershipSt. George'sK'Taqmkuk Museum1:00-4:00
    Mar 9Diversity, Inclusion, & YouSt. George'sK'Taqmkuk Museum9:00-12:00
    Mar 10Career Progression in the TradesSt. George'sK'Taqmkuk Museum9:00-12:00
    Mar 7Financial BasicsSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 8LeadershipSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 9Career ProgressionSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 14Diversity, Inclusion & YouOnlineMicrosoft Teams9:00-12:00
    Mar 15LeadershipOnlineMicrosoft Teams9:00-12:00
    Mar 16Computer BasicsSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 21Financial BasicsOnlineMicrosoft Teams9:00-12:00
    Mar 22Career ProgressionOnlineMicrosoft Teams9:00-12:00
    Mar 23Diversity, Inclusion & YouSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Mar 28Computer BasicsClarenvilleTBD9:00-12:00
    Mar 29Financial BasicsClarenvilleTBD9:00-12:00
    Mar 30LeadershipClarenvilleTBD9:00-12:00
    Apr 4Computer BasicsSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Apr 5iPhone BasicsSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Apr 6Career ProgressionSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Apr 11Financial BasicsSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Apr 12LeadershipSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Apr 13Diversity, Inclusion & YouSt. John's80 Mews Place9:00-12:00
    Apr 18Career ProgressionOnlineMicrosoft Teams9:00-12:00
    Apr 19Financial BasicsOnlineMicrosoft Teams9:00-12:00
    Apr 20LeadershipOnlineMicrosoft Teams9:00-12:00
    • Offerings pending sufficient enrolment
    • Additional dates and locations can be added in response to interested groups


     Gertie Ryan-Kavanagh

    Gertie Ryan-Kavanagh


     Jody Rees

    Jody Rees



    “These courses will ensure that a continuous effort is made to upskill our members, giving them the flexibility to learn, advance and upgrade skills that will help them grow professionally. We look forward to the impact it will have on our membership and the industry as a whole for years to come.”

    Darin King
    Executive Director, Trades NL

    “As our industry grows, so does the need to develop new skillsets. We wanted to create content that would better serve our members and give them the tools to develop their soft-skills. We look forward to seeing our members in the classroom and seeing them succeed.”

    Gerard Murphy
    Business Manager, SMART Local 512 (Member of Professional Development Advisory Committee)


    To register, please fill out the below form and you will be contacted to arrange a date for training. If you require additional information or would prefer to register by phone or email, please Contact us below.

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    Georgina Lake
    Director, Operations
    (709) 726-4560 ext 211

    Trades NL General Office Line
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    80 Mews Place

    Gertie Ryan-Kavanagh

    Jody Rees