We Believe in Giving Back!

Over the last decade, our members have donated over $20 Million to various organizations. When our women and men are working, their heavy hearts are giving back to our society.

Trades NL supports communities and organizations from where our members live – our Community Giving Programs are open to applicants across the Province, and aims to positively impact the communities in which our members reside as neighbours, friends and family.


Health & Wellness Impact Grant

Initiatives that will have an immediate impact on the health and well-being of individuals, organizations or communities by enhancing programming, equipment or facilities:

Recipients Selected

Value: Grants up to $20,000

Community Grassroot Grant

Initiatives that support local community-based programs or facilities.

Applications Pending

Value: Grants up to $2,000

    Education School Grant

    Initiatives that support student programming, resources & equipment:

    Accepting 2023 Applications:  August 21st to October 13th, 2023

    Value: Grants up to $1,000

      Investing in Our Future
      Post-Secondary Scholarships (2023 Applications Open May 1 to September 1)


      Trades NL understands that education is important to our members and their families and are therefore proud to offer a number of opportunities to support them financially each year.



      Ten (10) $1,000 (CAD) university/trades scholarships will be awarded to a Trades NL Member or a dependent of a Trades NL Member.
      As well, one scholarship will be awarded specifically to each of the following:

      • A Female Entering Skilled Trades Profession (1 Scholarship)
      • An Indigenous Person (1 Scholarship)



      • Must be a member of Trades NL or dependent of a member of one of the 14 NL Building Trades Unions (a dependent would include a child, grandchild, or partner);
      • A resident of Newfoundland & Labrador;
      • Completed high school; and
      • Enrolled full-time for the Fall 2023 academic term at a recognized post-secondary institution.


      Application Requirements

      Please submit the following:

      • 2023 Trades NL Post-Secondary Scholarship application form;
      • Resume;
      • Official high school transcript of your final year marks;
      • Acceptance letter or enrollment confirmation from post-secondary institution;
      • Two (2) letters of reference; and
      • 250 words essay on one (1) of the following topics:
        • The value of unionized skilled trade workers
        • How can Newfoundland & Labrador, as a province, encourage and incentivize an increase of more diverse groups (I.e. women, indigenous and other minority groups) to become skilled trade workers?

      Note: Information from essays may be used by Trades NL for newsletters, advertising and digital media.



      Submit completed applications to:

      80 Mews Place
      St. John’s, NL
      A1B 4M3

      Deadline for submission of applications is (2023 Applications Open May 1st to September 1st and will be awarded to recipients in September 2023)

      Note: Trades NL welcomes and encourages applications from all suitable candidates, regardless of race, age, religion, sexual orientation, ability or any other protected characteristic as outlined by federal, provincial, or local laws. Trades NL makes scholarship decisions based solely on scholarship qualifications and merit.

      Previous Scholarship Recipients

      2022 Trades NL Scholarship Recipients

      Given to dependents of Trades NL members who showed exceptional potential in pursuit of their academics, Trades NL is thrilled to announce the recipients of the Trades NL 2022 Post-Secondary Scholarships.

      Trades NL was also pleased to reserve one scholarship for a female entering a skilled trades profession as well as one scholarship for an individual with an Indigenous background. Similar to previous years, students came from a variety of communities across the province and a variety of post-secondary fields, from nursing to heavy equipment.

      “It’s great to see applications from so many high-calibre and deserving students,” says Trades NL’s Executive Director, Darin King. “Our scholarship program continues to be a testament to the generosity of our building trades unions and how passionate they are in providing financial assistance for post-secondary study – lessening the burden that many students feel when trying to pay for school. We are very pleased to be able to support dependents of our building trades members – in an effort to help future generations succeed in their post-secondary ambitions, and I’d like to wish every applicant a productive year ahead!”

      The Honourable Andrew Parsons, Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology also acknowledged the recipients.

      “This is a great initiative by Trades NL to help students further their post-secondary goals. Whether it’s skilled trades or university, there is so much opportunity out there and I encourage the recipients to become engaged and learn about all the possibilities for their future right here at home in Newfoundland and Labrador. Congratulations to all the scholarship recipients, and best of luck with whatever path you take in your careers.”

      Successful Recipients:

      Haley Tobin
      Haley Peddle
      Chloe Crane
      Carson Newhook
      Morgan Cutler
      Connor Flaherty
      Tanner Wells
      Keisha Rumbolt
      Alana Linehan
      Emily Lockyer
      Emily McGrath
      Samantha Tucker
      Holly Careen

      Now in its 5th year, Trades NL has awarded over 45 scholarships to dependents of its skilled trade members.

      To view a video celebrating the recipients click here

      2021 Trades NL Scholarship Recipients

      April 20, 2022 – Trades NL, representing unionized skilled trade workers across Newfoundland and Labrador announced $10,000 in scholarships to assist dependents of building trade members in furthering their post-secondary education goals.

      “All of our recipients demonstrate great potential for their future careers,” says Trades NL’s Executive Director, Darin King. “Our annual scholarship program continues to show the generosity from our building trades unions in their commitment towards helping the next generation pursue an education and career. We are pleased to provide financial assistance to our members’ families and we all look forward to seeing the future successes of our recipients.”

      Successful recipients include:

      • Brent Stone – Harbour Main – Affiliation: Heat And Frost Insulators & Allied Workers Local 137
      • Brooklyn Smith – Spaniard’s Bay – Affiliation: Carpenters Local 579
      • Jacob Drodge – Carbonear– Affiliation: UA Plumbers and Pipefitters, Local 740
      • Mikela Rowsell – Glovertown – Affiliation: UA Plumbers and Pipefitters, Local 740
      • Emily Starkes – Hare Bay – Affiliation: Iron Workers, Local 764
      • Angeline Dalton – Harbour Main – Affiliation: Iron Workers, Local 764
      • Terrence Careen – Point Lance – Affiliation: Teamsters, Local 855
      • Raeleigh Murphy – Corner Brook – Affiliation: Operating Engineers, Local 904
      • Gia Caul – Stephenville – Affiliation: Operating Engineers, Local 904
      • Abigail Hussey – Upper Island Cove – Affiliation: Electrical Workers, Local 2330

      “It is encouraging to see these enthusiastic young leaders emerging from Newfoundland and Labrador,” continued King. “I’d like to thank all of this year’s applicants, and congratulate all for their outstanding and thoughtful submissions. I applaud each of their commitments to furthering their education and pursuing their passions and wish them every success in their future.”

      Over the past four years, Trades NL has awarded 35 scholarships to dependents of our skilled trade members.

      2019 Trades NL Scholarship Recipients

      February 5, 2020 – Today, in a special ceremony at the Ironworkers, Local 764 Union Hall, Trades NL presented the 2019 Post Secondary Scholarships to five recipients.

      Every year, Trades NL awards five – $2,000 scholarships to a dependent of a member in one of the 16 Newfoundland and Labrador Building Trade Unions, to aid in furthering his or her post-secondary education.

      “Our building trade unions believes that education is empowering, for advancing your careers and providing for your families.  Many of our skilled trade workers continue their education to become leaders in their fields.  That is why Trades NL is committed to helping members and their families pursue and accomplish their educational goals.” Darin King, Executive Director, Trades NL

      There were over 50 applications received for the 2019 scholarship from all over the province, which is where our members live and call home.  After meeting all the eligibility requirements, the five recipients were selected from a random draw.

      Trades NL 2019 Scholarship Recipients:

      • Jack Simms – Colliers Affiliation – Ironworkers, Local 764
      • Jared Stringer – Hillview Affiliation – Boilmakers, Local 203
      • Kiana Rae Rumbolt – Mary’s Harbour Affiliation – Operating Engineers, Local 904
      • Austin Stacey – Terrenceville Affiliation – Sheetmetal, Local 512
      • Catherine Williams-Vaters – Burin Affiliation – UA, Local 740

      “I would like to congratulate the 5 recipients and all applicants for their hard work and academic achievement and wish them all continued success in their academic careers. We are proud to offer these scholarships to dependents of our skilled trade members.” John Leonard, President, Trades NL

      2018 Trades NL Scholarship Recipients

      November 29, 2018 – Trades NL is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 Post Secondary Scholarships.

      Each year, Trades NL awards five – $2,000 scholarships to a dependent of a member in one of the 16 Newfoundland and Labrador Building Trade Unions, to aid in furthering his or her post-secondary education.

      “Our building trade unions believe in the importance of a good education, which for generations has helped working skilled trade women and men to advance their own careers and improve the lives of their children.  As an organization, we are proud to have a scholarship program that supports our union families achieve their dreams.” Darin King, Executive Director, Trades NL

      The 2018 process closed on September 30 and included applicants from all regions of the province that our members reside from Pynn’s Brook to St. John’s and from Penware, Labrador to Lawn.  The applicant’s studies range from skilled trades, teachers, medicine, law and engineering.  The recipients were selected from a random draw that included all applicants that met the eligibility requirements.

      Trades NL 2018 Scholarship Recipients:

      • Kieran Ryan Gill – Labrador City Affiliation – Liuna, Local 1208
      • Tyler Fitzgerald – St. John’s Affiliation – Liuna, Local 1208
      • Brandon Whittle –  CBS Affiliation – IUPAT, Local 1984
      • Linsey Ann Dalton – St. John’s Affiliation – Teamsters, Local 855
      • Donald Pretty – Lawn Affiliation – Carpenters, Local 579

      “I would like to congratulate the 5 recipients and all applicants for their hard work and academic achievement and wish them much success in their futures.  The future in Newfoundland and Labrador is bright as a result of the tremendous young leaders we have in our province.” John Leonard, President, Trades NL