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Our members achieved a great milestone at the Husky Project in Argentia, Placentia last week, by completing the base slab.
Congrats everyone!
Form work continues as we begin moving upward. #NLSkilledTrades
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Our members continuing their hard work at the Powerhouse on the Muskrat Falls project.
To date, we have bent, cut, assembled & installed over 58 million pounds of rebar at this site.
Nalcor EnergyOn the Muskrat Falls Project, @trades_NL workers have bent, cut, assembled and installed over 26.6 million kilograms of rebar to date throughout the powerhouse, intake, and spillway. As you can see in the photos below, rebar is currently being placed in the powerhouse as part of the installation of the four generating units.

Rebar comes in various lengths and thicknesses and it can be shaped to accommodate the specifications of the structure being built. Once the rebar is placed in a grid fashion, the concrete is poured over it. Working together, the rebar and the concrete provide strength and stability to the structure.
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Husky West White Rose VP Sandy Naim highlights that our workers are very well trained & productive. #NLSkilledTrades #BuildingOurProvinceTogether ... See MoreSee Less

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Premier addressing delegates at the PBIS. Highlighting the contributions of over 1,000 skilled trades workers at the Husky West White Rose project at the Argentia Development Park, Placentia. #NLSkilledTrades #BuildingOurProvinceTogether ... See MoreSee Less

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